BODY RESEARCH, a project of director Karl Frost, is devoted to exploration of the self through the lens of the body. It encompasses performance work for the stage, paratheatrical workshops in investigative creative process and body awareness, and gatherings that facilitate the study and practice of body-based exploration and the intersection/integration of life and art.

Our work crosses many boundaries and territories: disciplinary boundaries of theater, dance, and self-exploration; the boundaries between proscenium performance and communal interactive happenings; the spectrum from dramatic dance-theater to post-dramatic theater that invites the audience into independent investigation; the range of explorations from professional-level creative and theater work to community oriented experiential facilitation.

BODY RESEARCH uses as one of its main tools a disciplined study of the art of Contact Improvisation and integrates into this research explorations from tanztheatre, paratheatrics, somatic psychology, and other fields of self-investigation. Many of Body Research’s performances are highly interactive performance works, inviting, provoking, and questioning agency of audience members, both in the theater and in life. Our investigative process accesses and invites both intuitive/experiential processes and formal scientific/empirical investigation of phenomena of human behavior and experience, with recent work incorporating behavioral experiments on the edge of scientific understanding with audience members as both investigators and subject of investigation.

BODY RESEARCH is devoted to a life lived more pleasurably and compassionately in balanced relationship with each other and the world we live in … in a way which is sustainable for ourselves and the planet and rich in opportunities for the appreciation of life’s complexities…

As part of this devotion to sustainability in art-making, BODY RESEARCH is committed to providing affordable contexts for training and exploration that can be a sustainable part of a life integrated with art-making.

Upcoming for 2015

Working with the themes of his PhD dissertation research, director Karl Frost is currently pursuing parallel creative/experiential research  exploring the relationship between how we live in our bodies and how we relate to each other functionally and emotionally.  Looking beyond the individualistic perspectives of self satisfaction and ‘working on oneself’, Body Research’s new project explores the larger scale social, political and environmental implications of what we do with our bodies and minds.

What is the difference between cultivating feelings of caring for the world and engaging materially with the world to do the hard work of making our path into the future a better one for all?

This research will over 2014 manifest in workshops, a new film, and in an interactive performance work.  details TBA

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