Berkeley New Years Contact Jam


The 3rd annual Berkeley New Year’s Contact Jam

When: Friday to Monday,  29 December  2017 to 1 January 2017

Where: The Finnish Hall (1970 Chestnut St and University Ave, Berkeley, CA)

What:  a 4-day weekend of lightly facilitated and financially accessible space for the practice and exploration of contact improvisation,

a fundraiser for environmental and social justice causes!

One day longer than last year! Organized by Karl Frost and Finnish Hall hosts Miriam and Andy Wolodarski-Lundberg

In the 16/17 Jam, we raised over $9400 for good causes!  ‘hoping to top that for 17/18!

Here is a link to a table of recipients of the dispersed funds for 16/17.

We present another weekend of open contact improvisation practice organized accessibly, with funds going to help good people doing important work to make this a better world.  The idea is to have an open weekend of space for practice and exploration with just enough facilitation to help it all hang together.  You can expect…

  • facilitated warm-up and mixer scores leading into open dancingAUDAL
  • a mix of silent jam space and jam space with soundscape and live music in the evenings
  • TWO studios to play in, to allow both open dancing and structured exploration
  • Afternoon scores:
    • basics-oriented classes Saturday and Sunday  to help newer dancers integrate and feel at home.
    • open ended encuentro-style community discussions to inform our practice
  • Access to the dining room and kitchen space downstairs
  • Basic, simple meals and regular refreshments and snacks provided (with an invitation to add in with potluck extras and desserts to share)
  • space for out-of towners to stay at the hall (bring your own bedding!)
  • expected attendance 90 to 100

Pre-Jam Workshop  and Lab, December 27- 29 

This year, there will be a pre-Jam workshop and lab taught and facilitated by Karl Frost. Intended for dancers who have already had at least an introduction to contact improvisation, the workshop/lab will be specifically focused on deepening the jam experience for ourselves and collaborating on creating a richer jam experience for all.  For more details, follow the link.


Contact:  for more information, write to

also, sign in on the Facething page to keep in touch about updates about things like schedule, offerings, etc.


Sliding Scale

pay what you can within the range

regular early +early ++early +++early
registered by December 28 December 15 November 24 November 10 October 31
  $275-$450 $240-$450 $205-$450 $170-$450 $135-$450

to register, you can either paypal directly to or use the paypal button at the bottom

There is Work Exchange available.  write for more info.

Fundraiser: Remember, according to SCIENCE, being generous makes people feel better.  So come to the jam! (… and if you feel you have the cash for it, pay a little up on the sliding scale!)  

Also, while this can feel like a drop in the bucket, these contributions do mean something.  As an example, Gitwilgyoots has been fighting off the Petronas petrochemical company up in northern BC on Lelu Island, fighting a $34 billion fracked gas export project on a budget on the order of $100k. $1k of that was from us.  They WON! We were a small part of that.

The paypal button…



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