barc50Pre-Jam Workshop/Lab with Karl Frost

When: Noon to 5pm, Wednesday-Friday December 27-29

WhereThe Finnish Hall (1970 Chestnut St and University Ave, Berkeley, CA)

What: a pre-Jam workshop and lab taught and facilitated by Karl Frost, focusing on deepening the jam experience

This year, there will be a pre-Jam workshop and lab taught and facilitated by Karl Frost. Intended for dancers who have already had at least an introduction to contact improvisation, the workshop/lab will be specifically focused on deepening the jam experience, looking at

  • how to  deepen our own personal explorations in a jam
  • how to collaborate on creating a space that invites deeper explorations in a wider range of flavors
  • how to act as convivial ‘invisible facilitators’ to sensitively steer explorations in a space in ways that help others deepen their practice
  • conversations to explore what it is to have meaningful or ‘deeper’ practice in different dimensions_E9O8879
  • how to  explicitly structure a jam space to invite different, more specific explorations or, alternatively, to make space for a wider range of explorations.

Within these discussions, we can talk about and explore what kind of dances there are to have, how are jams and other spaces for contact exploration explicitly and tacitly structured, what do they facilitate or obstruct, what do we feel invited to do and why at a  particular jam, what can we create that is different?  This is a potentially rich exploration about what a “jam” is, how we can vary them to create a more inclusive range of spaces.  At least one of the tensions we might explore is between attempts at more inclusive spaces vs the creation of a wider range of more narrowly focused spaces in terms of real inclusivity.

Note, there are, of course, many opportunities for contact improvisation practice in the bay area.  You are invited, during the workshop, as a kind of ‘homework assignment’ to attend the Tuesday night focus Jam (Finnish Hall in Berkeley), Wednesday night Ecstatic Dance (Sweet’s Ballroom in Oakland), and the Thursday evening contact jam (Finnish Hall in Berkeley), to explore these themes and make observation about practice (yours and others), so we can use this as a springboard into explorations and discussions during the lab.

_E9O8937On a political note, the original intention for this year was to host a workshop with Machinenoisey (Delia Brett and Daelik Hackenbrook) from Vancouver, but because of hardships that many (including  artists) are experiencing at the US/Canadian border and the exorbitant cost of work visas for foreign artists, we decided to let go of that plan for this year.   The border situation with the United States is criminal, and this is just one small manifestation of that.  Such is the political reality and balance of power we are fighting now. If you ever travel to Vancouver, take their classes, they are great!


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Note: Thvest2e Jam is organized as a fundraiser.  The pre-Jam workshop is a separate, connected event, but in the spirit of the fundraiser, part of the proceeds from the workshop will be put into the donation pool for the jam.

The workshop is in conjunction with the New Year’s Jam, for Jam participants.  If you can not attend the Jam, but would still like to do the workshop, write to

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