The 2nd annual Affordable Berkeley New Year’s Weekend Contact Improv Jam


tWhen: Friday December 30- Sunday January 1

Where:Finnish Hall (1970 Chestnut St and University Ave, Berkeley, CA)

What:  a 3-day weekend of lightly facilitated and financially accessible space for the practice and exploration of contact improvisation.

A non-profit event organized as a fundraiser for environmental and social justice causes

note: Karl Frost  is moving to Barcelona for a postdoctoral research position. The jam will be run this year by Miriam Wolodarski, Andy Lundberg, and friends.  

In the tradition of the Very Affordable Contact Jams in Berkeley and Davis,  we present another weekend of open contact improvisation practice organized accessibly.  The idea is to have an open weekend of space for practice and exploration with just enough facilitation to help it all hang together.  You can expect…

  • facilitated warm-up and mixer scores leading into open dancingAUDAL
  • a mix of silent jam space and jam space with soundscape and live music in the evenings
  • TWO studios to play in, to allow both open dancing and the exploration of structured
  • Afternoon scores:
    • basics-oriented classes Friday and Saturday to help newer dancers integrate and feel at home.
    • open ended encuentro-style community discussion leading into dancing Saturday and Sunday
  • Access to the dining room and kitchen space downstairs
  • Basic, simple meals and regular refreshments and snacks provided (with an invitation to add in with potluck extras and desserts to share)
  • space for out-of towners to stay at the hall (bring your own bedding!)
  • expected attendance 90 to 100 (last year we had about 85 people participating)feet

Contact:  for more information, write to Andy and Miriam at

also, sign in on the Facething page to keep in touch about updates about things like schedule, offerings, etc.


Sliding Scale

pay what you can within the range

regular early +early ++early +++early
registered by December 29 December 16 November 25 November 11 October 14
  $200-$350 $175-$350 $150-$350 $125-$350 $100-$350

to register, you can either paypal directly to or use the paypal button at the bottom

There is DEFINITELY Work Exchange available.  write to Miriam and Andy for info.


Hey, what better way to start the New Year than with a fun event that raises money to do good things in the world?!  Fun and generosity together!

The event is organized as a fundraiser for environmental and social justice causes. Last year we raised almost $8000, which was split between First Nations environmental and social justice fights in northern BC (Unist’ot’en Camp, Madii lii and the Lelu Island occupation) and local organizations trying to bring attention to fracking and other fossil fuel related issues.  The Unist’ot’en are a Wet’suet’en First Nation clan that have taken a strong and principled stance against oil and gas pipelines moving through their sovereign territories.  They have been organizing year-round occupation of their traditional hunting grounds to be able to (very successfully) prevent oil and gas companies from trespassing on their territories, and their resistance and the solidarity movement around them has been a key part of the movement to sustainable relationships and First Nations sovereignty in British Columbia, Canada.

For some information on the very global issues being fought over up in BC, right now, visit

This year, again, money will go to Unist’ot’en Camp, but also to the new camp at Lelu Island, BC, where members of Lax Kw’alaams are fighting the development of a fracked gas export facility that could destroy the salmon of the Skeena River, one of the biggest salmon running rivers in the world. visit the facebook page for Lelu Island for more information. A third of the money will also go again to local California NGOs working for a sustainable and socially just future.

And remember, according to SCIENCE, being generous makes people feel better.  So come to the jam! (… and if you feel you have the cash for it, pay a little up on the sliding scale!)  

Registration: use the paypal button below.  $50 is non-refundable

Sliding Scale (pay what you can in range)

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