Accidental Tourists


a film directed by  Karl Frostjote-eyes-closed

director of photography: John Zibell

dancers: W.Scott Davis, Kevin Dockery, Jordan Stout, Jote Mahern, Nicole Casado, Hailey McCloskey, Karl Frost, Andy Lundberg

a non-narrative document of somatic explorations in nature during an accidental road trip.

a video collage of movement meditations in nature intended, both through content and process, to evoke the potential opening up of the senses that can occur with time in nature.

a postdramatic film, Accidental Tourists follows simple rules of filming and editing intended to minimize manipulation and create space for audience agency in experience of the images of people exploring relationship to place..

Screen shot 2012-09-08 at 1.32.06 PM

We set out to do a film, Rainforest, exploring movement in nature and the potential psychological shifts that can happen in prolonged time in places less marked by people. We planned to follow a set of filming rules geared toward simplicity and transparency, similar to Dogma films. (Follow the film link for the philosophy and strategy of the film.) The film was to be set in and around the area of Kitimat in north coastal British Columbia, the home territory of the Haisla people and the proposed end point for the Enbridge Northern Gate Oil Pipeline from the Alberta Tar Sands. This pipeline and the Alberta Tar Sands project itself are one of the biggest environmental disasters-in-the-making on the planet.

We encountered multiple logistical problems to make the project happen, but got it all together. Then, we got to the Canadian border and were turned back.

jordan-waves-1With two weeks on our hands, video equipment and an original artistic inspiration, yet deflected from our target, we took a 2 week road trip around the western US, filming in different nature areas.  We took in Mt Baker (WA), Oregon Dunes (OR) Moonstone beach, Prairie Creek, and the South Fork Yuba River (CA)

Accidental Tourists is the result, a non-narrative collage of images of somatic-psychological explorations in nature in the midst of an unintended road trip.

For information on the film rules and philosophy of the film experiment, click here or the link to Film Rules

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 a short trailer for the film

A 50 minute version of the film on Vimeo

Accidental Tourists (2012) from Karl Frost on Vimeo.

This project (as well as the follow up filming in BC) was funded in part through a Kickstarter campaign.   I would like to thank everyone who gave…

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