Close Quarters


tea5bSpring 2007

Charlottesville, Virginia

Performers: Brad Stollar, Katie McCaughan, Kelly East, Zap McConnel, Cindy Leal, Carrie Girstantis, Karl Frost

Direction: Karl Frost

Sound: Tai and Karl Frost

Venue: The Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar

Intimate performance of the juxtoposition of movement interaction based in calm, abstract kinesthetic experience with physical relationships formed by the emotional responces to somatic-psychotherapeutic studies. Multiple rooms of action with the audience wandering the rooms to view the scenes, constructing their own experience by following their curiousity.

The performers and audience wander freely through the various rooms of the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar while tea is being served.

The audience follows their curiosity as they wander through the space, constructing their own experience of the evening based on where they choose to go, what of the multiple, simultaneous actions they choose to follow.

tea2Performers explore solo and interactive explorations of pure movement and movement based in ideas of distilled emotional subvoices, exploring their own movement, exploring interaction, and exploring manipulation and provocation of states in other dancers. Contrasting release-based contact work with emotional reaction based in subtle physical interpretations of the work of Jerzy Grotowski(physical theater) and Arne Mindel (somatic psychology).

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