Performance Chronology


a partial listing of performance works in reverse chronological order

Name Description Date Location
Rainforest Dance-in-nature film, developing the work of Accidental Tourists and the Dancing Wilderness Project, to be set around Kitimat, BC, Filming 2014 Great Bear Rainforest, BC, Canada
Tocame! A mix of interactive performance and theater in the round exploring modes of touch. ‘developing the themes and performance structure of Streams (2009) 2014  Berkeley, California
Accidental Tourists Dance-in-nature film, exploring the potential psychological shifts of time in wilderness

Filmed 2012

Premier 2013

Filmed at Mt Baker (WA), Oregon Dunes (OR), and Prairie Creek, Moonstone  Beach, Yuba River (CA)Premiering Berkeley, CA
Body of Knowledge A deconstruction of how we process information, intellectually vs physically in contexts ranging from the private to the political: a mix of installation performance and interactive event. Karl’s MFA thesis project 2011 Davis and Berkeley, CA
Corpo Ilicito Performance installation directed by Guillermo Gomez Pena exploring boundary and transgression 2009 Davis, CA
Streams A mix of interactive performance and theater in the round exploring modes of touch 2009 Khakiv, Ukraine
Proximity A piece in which the audience wanders through a physically broken up space and watches as performers explore distance, proximity, and touch – intellectually, immediately, animalistically, verbally, non-verbally. An hour in, the performer/audience roles blur and dissolve. 2007 San Francisco and Santa Cruz, CA
Close Quarters Audience wanders through a tea house as performers explore distance, proximity, touch, and intimacy 2007 Charlottesville, VA
Shaken Duet with Jennifer McLeish Lewis exploring somatic psych accessing of issues around image, sexuality, intimacy, and power 2006 Berlin, Germany
United Kingdom Directed by Felix Ruckert…a temporary society and performance ritual exploring power and sexuality 2006 Berlin, Germany
Axolotl The audience is blindfolded for 2 hours and invited to interact with each other and a group of performers exploring the nature of meaningful experience 2004-2011 over 70 performances in Seattle, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Oakland, Berkeley, Vancouver, Port Townsend, Portland, Eugene, Arcata, Santa Barbara, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Helsinki, Black Rock Dessert, etc
Ashes A post-dramatic proscenium piece exploring how emotion lives in the body 2004 Seattle, WA
Onion Oak Improvisations Open improvisation 2000 – 2003 Rural island communities in Washington and  BC
Dancing Wilderness Project: Ocean Studies Exploration of wilderness experience on choice making in performance 1999, 2004 1999 San Francisco2004 Seattle
Ulysses Evening length solo improvisation working off of the myth of Ulysses and Joyce’s Ulysses 1996-1999 New York, San Francisco, Vienna, Melbourne, Wellington
Losers A duet with Rosy Simas exploring the effects of alcohol on physical coordination in a ballistic contact duet 1997 Santa Cruz, CAMinneapolis, MN
Goat Boy 15 minute solo improv of dance and theater exploring off-balance, disorientation, and having a goat bell around the neck 1997 Santa Cruz, CA
Fire A 30 minute piece exploring collaborative physical interactions based in release technique and conflicting interactions ranging from pushing games to sparring 1996 New York
Fight A duet with Brenton Cheng trading back and forth between collaborative physical interactions from contact improv and full-contact sparring 1993 Los Gatos, CA
Place A participatory group piece exploring relationship to place in text and movement 1993-1995 San Francisco, New York
Dice 15 minute piece involving 15 one-minute physical scores chosen randomly by an audience member’s roll of the die 1993 San Francisco
Berkeley Improvisations Structured improvisations with Berkeley Improvisational Dance Group 1989-1992 Berkeley
In the Living Room Performance in the round where the audience and performers trade places in a slow structured manner 1989 Berkeley
Cards Interactive performance where audience members are given physical instructions which interact with each other to create the piece 1988 Berkeley


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