Awkward Study


Standing across from partner, notice any subtle senses of awkwardness and amplify them. Make yourself feel more awkward. This is not about violating one’s own sense of boundaries, but in investigating the sense of awkwardness. Get specific and subtly adjust to amplify the sense of awkwardness within oneself. Attempt gross level adjustments to explore generating new senses of awkwardness. Steer into the sensation instead of executing the action called for by the sensation. Posture, facing, eyes, distance, action, mental state, touch or not, amount of clothing on or off, etc. Be engaged with a personal sense of curiosity in the feeling of awkwardness. This could mean making the feeling more specific, or in amplifying it. Again, it is not about seeing how far you can push yourself, but about following your active curiosity with a willingness to test edges. As a variant, one can try to make one’s partner feel awkward, but this assumes the establishment of consensuality and agreement of exploration, which might need to happen before the exercise or might exist in the working process already as a whole.

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