Conversation Study


What is a meaningful conversation? This is a study of this question, a simple score in trios. A and B attempt to have an interesting or meaningful conversation, however interpreted, in 5 minutes. C observes. After 5 minutes, the three discuss how it went, discuss what “meaning” might mean in this context, as well as alternative strategies at different points in the conversations. Roles are then rotated after 5 minutes of this conversation.

There are many objectives of a conversation, and not all of them are explicit or have to do with semantic content. Simply establishing convivial connection may be an objective in itself. Perhaps effect on other or on self can be looked at. Maybe we look for movement towards insight? ‘Maybe just having a good time. How do we track or map out the direction of a conversation while having it? Is it better to meander organically, be direct, use shifting strategies? On what levels can we experience meaning… intellectual, emotional, …?

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