Subvoice work


This all builds on the Maker/Resistor Score from Arne Mindel. Click on the link for background and theory.

Subvoice distillation (maker/resistor)

with Maker/resistor score as reference (from Axolotl), work immediately from a sensation into distilling one voice

Subvoice flow

Subvoice distillation with whatever sensation is in immediate awareness. This could be the same as subvoice distillation, if the same voice dominates, but more likely, new sensations will either be generated or will be revealed, creating the i=impetus for a new subvoice distillation. This then flows immediately from one subvoice to another. This is very similar to Sensation/action flow, with the difference being maintaining the framework of the subvoice distillation as the action coming out of sensation, where in sensation/action flow the response to sensation is more arbitrary. There is shared the same sense of building immediacy, decisiveness, and detachment.

Subvoice duet

Subvoice work applied specifically to relation and interaction. The idea is the same as either subvoice distillation or subvoice flow, except that that awareness is specifically brought to another and the sensation that guides one into the subvoice work comes out of subtle reaction to the other. The subvoice, then, is rooted in a relational dynamic, reaction to other.

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