Newspaper Reviews of Karl Frost’s dance/theaterwork

on Ashes

… fascinating; awkward, tender, and violent movement combined with snippets of dialog and swiftly built-up characters and relationships, creating social and sexual conflicts with an almost unnerving intimacy… utterly compelling. Brett Fetzer, The Stranger (Seattle April 2004)
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on Axolotl

It was infantilizing and weird and extremely interesting. I highly recommend it.
ANNIE WAGNER, The Stranger (Seattle 2004)
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I left the theater shell-shocked. It was easily the oddest, most surprising performance experience I’ve ever had. And, against all expectations, one of the most rewarding.
BRENDAN KILEY, The Stranger (Seattle 2005)
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It was strange, funny, pleasant, and scary…the eye opening darkness of Axolotl.
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on Proximity

… something startling but strangely beautiful to behold .
MOLLY RHODES, SF Weekly (San Francisco, August 2007)

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on Body of Knowledge

‘absolutely beautiful and breathtaking to watch…I felt I was truly able to connect with the performance and become swept up in what I was watching.

ANNETA KONSTANTINIDES, The Aggie (Davis, February 2011)


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On a workshop in Contact Improvisation (I thought it was so cool that the newspaper sent a reporter to cover a dance workshop! I think that this speaks to the changing nature of consumption of art!)

…I feel spectacular: vibrant, alive, liberated and stimulated in a way I haven’t felt in months. Every nerve of my body tingles.

JENNY LOWER, VC Reporter (Ventura, January 2008)

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