directed by Karl Frost

produced by Inna Falkova


  • Inna Falkova, Denis Turpitka, Artyom Markov, Ekatarina Andreeva, Tanya Afanasyeva, Nadezhda Karol, Liosha Chepalov, Thais Persky , Anika Vasadze (Ukraine)
  • Anna Bunkova, Nastya Asaev, Julya Dalgova, Sasha Bezradnova, Olga Nicolaeva (Russia)
  • Karl Frost (US)

Spring 2009, Kharkiv, Ukraine

a formal exploration of the distilled possibilities of the exploration of touch: kinesthetic, meditative, explosive, emotional. the audience chooses to either watch the performers interact with each other in duets or offer themselves for more experiential experiments of interaction with performers. a sequence of short movement meditations with audience/performer slam dancing in the middle.

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