toca screen 6a semi-interactive performance work exploring physical and emotional textures of human contact and touch

June/July 2013, Berkeley and Nevada City, CA

with performer/collaborators Kevin Dockery, Jordan Stout, Jote Mahern, Kristen Timchak, toca screen 13Daniel Larlham, Utam Moses, Brandon Stewart, Megan Lowe, Nitipat Ong Polchai, Io Bones, and Natalia Carballo

  • Come participate as a relaxed observer
  • Offer yourself  for more direct interaction with performers if you are so moved.

toca screen aud 2

The audience is presented with a collage of vignettes exploring modes and notions of touch, contact, and connection. Contrasting territories of the senses, kinetics, emotion, memory, pleasure, provocation, and the body are distilled into a series of micro-investigations.  Intimate and public personas are blurred.

toca screen 12


There is much to watch, but there are also opportunities for physical interaction for the physically curious … those who like to watch with their bodies. With a nod to Felix Ruckert’s Deluxe Joy Pilot, the audience may wander during the piece from one seat to another. Certain seats are reserved for those who are more inviting of interaction with performers, while others communicate a desire to watch from the comfort of a more traditional audience/performer relationship.

The piece ends with a blur into an informal frame of conviviality.

toca screen slam 1SF Bay Guardian “Pick of the Week”, July 24-31, 2013

“The most interesting contact-improvisation-based performance i’ve seen in the last 10 years!”

CI founder Nita Little

See the Youtube clip below for excerpts from one evening’s show (videographer Mark McBeth).








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